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SEQLD Tipped for Growth – Matusik


Sale volume across the board in Queensland are up, with prices also starting to rise.

The Matusik Missive from November 18, 2013 has the following to say about the SEQLD property market:

The tipping point between caution & optimism has finally passed.

It is often a fine line, but sometime in the past six weeks it has gone from dark to light (well, lighter) when it comes to residential real estate across south east Queensland.

Property cycle

There is an eight year property cycle – yes, the text books talk about seven years – but the Australian statistics suggest it lasts about eight years.  But what’s one more year between friends.  Usually, it is five years of good & three years of, well…not so good.

But for more than five years, SEQ real estate has been subdued to say the least.  The 2008 financial knock-down began a slump that was prolonged by deluges, cyclones & domestic political uncertainty.

But now it looks like SEQ has just started to enter its growth phase.  It is likely to be growth this time round, not GROWTH!  But we are going to the black side of the ledger and finally leaving the red.  About bloody time!

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