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NRAS Incentive Increased


The NRAS incentive has risen 3% to $10,661 pa


The Department of Social Services has released the new NRAS incentive figures for 2014-15. As such, we’ve updated our cash-flow projections on our database to reflect this. With the incentive at this level, and NRAS round 5 being advised against by government audit, now may be the last opportunity to get an NRAS investment property.

The NRAS Incentive is indexed according to movements in the Rents component of the Housing Group Consumer Price Index for the year, December quarter to December quarter as at 1 March, using the weighted average rate of eight capital cities housing component, and is effective from 1 May.

Rents Component — Weighted average of eight capital cities — 3.0% increase in 2014-15

Current NRAS Year
Year Contributed by Amount
2014/2015 Australian Government Contribution $7,996.00
State/Territory Contribution $2,665.00
Total $10,661.00

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