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Brisbane Market Thriving


Brisbane set to take off as unit sales continue to rise

Bowen HillsThe Brisbane apartment market is thriving with the number of new unit sales reaching an 11 year high! This is an extremely positive sign for the market.

Figures have just confirmed that 2013 sales were double those of 2012, with the largest volume of unconditional sales being in the recent December quarter. As Brisbane is just entering it’s upward cycle, the past 12 months of improved sales sets the runway for record-breaking sales in this and next quarter.

The off-the-plan apartment market has been strengthening and growing sales give weight to recent predictions that Brisbane is now the place to buy to take advantage of 2014 and future years growth.

With substantial price differences currently between Brisbane and Sydney or Melbourne unit prices, as demand for Brisbane properties continue to increase, so will the prices.

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The full article was initially posted on RPM online.

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