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NRAS Property Australia is the sourcing and sales team of Professional Advisory Services Australia (PASA) Pty Ltd. PASA is an investment property and development firm based in Queensland, also a licensed Real Estate Agency in Queensland.

nras properties for saleAt PASA the company motto of Honesty, Diligence, Discretion are not just words; they form the basis of our operational approach. We treat each and every client with these ideals foremost in our minds. Our aim is to develop and foster a committed relationship with our clients built on trust and our independence as a property investment firm.

By providing clients with a logical, unbiased and in-depth understanding of property investment and the real estate market we can develop a property investment strategy that suits their personal circumstances and investment objectives.

NRAS Property Australia is the team that adapts this property investment strategy to opportunities that exist within the National Rent Affordability Scheme (NRAS). Having the largest, autonomous access to NRAS investment properties in Australia allows NRAS Property Australia to provide recommendations based solely on the clients’ property investment profile, rather than properties potentially influenced by developer relationships or agency agendas.

Our depth of experience in property investment provides us with a unique ability to match investment properties with potential buyers. By specialising in the investment grade property market, we have developed a thorough understanding of the complexities of the investment process and utilising our extensive list of contacts allows us facilitate seamless transactions.

NRAS Property Australia focuses on the investor acquisition aspect of NRAS, and while we are able to discuss ongoing NRAS management related queries, we do not conduct NRAS property management ourselves. Contact NRAS Property Australia today to have a straightforward, unbiased conversation regarding NRAS investment properties and how they could suit your property investment strategy.

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